Is your maternity care based on “cultural” or “evidence” based practices?


“World Health Statistics 2010 identified 33 countries with lower maternity mortality ratios than the United States, while 37 countries had lower neonatal mortality rates, 40 had lower infant mortality rates…”  Excerpt from document called “United States Maternity Care Facts and Figures April 2011”. Based on HOSPITAL CARE. The full document can be accessed via this link:  Isn’t it interesting that 1. despite all of our technological advancements 2. surgeons (A.K.A OB/GYN’s) that have taken over maternity care and 3. the hosptial is a “culturally” acceptable and “safe” place to give birth in the U.S, that the U.S ranks this high in mortality rates? Ladies, you should really, really be questioning this… Why is this? Because most other countries utilize midwives and do not birth within the hospital. Pregnancy and childbirth is not an illness and therefore does not belong within the hospital setting, unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or an emergency arises.

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