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World Doula Week-Day 6 My Most Embarrassing Doula Moment


I’ve been dreading this post all week. I’m certain it is meant to be a funny embarrassing moment, mine is embarrassing but not so funny. Anyone whom I’ve doula’d for, if you have a funny one you can share, please do.

The only embarrassing moment I can think of is that time that a ad for a weekend holiday to Paris for not only mothers day weekend but Mateo’s 16th birthday weekend came across my newsfeed. Mateo is fluent in French and has quite a passion for France. We were just months from moving back stateside and I thought, how memorable and special would it be for him to spend his 16th birthday in Paris!? I got right on the phone with the travel agency, they still had room, I texted Andy, he had the time off. Wow, meant to be, I was SO excited to be able to do this for Mateo. I called back the travel agent and paid for the non-refundable trip. Key word, non-refundable…a hour later…I remember I’m not just a mum to a 16 year old but a doula and that I have committed to a mama due that weekend.
Whoa, that was a embarrassing phone call. I felt HORRIBLE. Cande was so awesome about it and was totally comfortable with the back up doula we had in place but that didn’t change how terrible I felt. There was the a chance that baby would wait until I got home but that was not the case. Baby Neely came that Sunday on our bus ride back to the ferry in Calais.
Mateo had a amazing birthday to remember and Cande and I had Mothers Day’s not to forget.

World Doula Week-How being a doula has benefited me, how it helps me in life.


Being a doula is a very unpredictable job, you never know when you may be called in and you always have to be ready to go. I have learned to be quite flexible. Changing plans at a moments notice and possibly missing important holidays or events.
I’ve had to learn to rely on and accept support from others. In order to doula I have to know that my family is being cared for so that I can join a birth space and be fully present & relaxed. I can not be concerned with things happening in my life. I must let go and bring only positive energy.
Doula’ing has taught me to remind myself that just like birth, when life gets stressful that is temporary and soon will pass. I get a lot less worked up about things than I used to.
It also has taught me not to feel guilty about slowing down and re-charging, taking time for self-care. If I’m not in balance I am helpful to no one. I have no issue taking time and spending money to go get a massage or a adjustment or having a good soak in the tub with a glass of wine and some relaxing music.
Lastly, just breathing! I’ve always been a deep breather and have shared this with my children from the time they were babies but, I feel like I’m even more mindful of it as a doula. Taking in a nice deep cleansing breath (peace) and releasing all tension (love) has brought me great calm.

World Doula Week-My Doula Sisterhood


My doula sisters, women genuinely serving & supporting women! I feel so blessed to have a tribe of women in my life who are loving and kind souls. Women who care for each other, want to teach and share what they know, work together for the better of birth and are not competitive with one another.

For my doula sisters, doula’ing is not just a business, it comes from their heart. They love women and want to serve them and better their birth experience by offering them options and choices and loving them in their most vulnerable moments.
These beautiful women are talented and passionate, some are doula trainers, some are childbirth educators, some are nurses that want to serve their patients better by having the physical and emotional support training as a doula, some are Spinning Babies and “changing birth on earth”, some are lactation consultants or counselors, some are placenta encapsulators, some are aromatherapists, some are belly binders, some are experts in ceremonies such as “closing the bones” or “mother blessings”, some are baby carrier experts, some are prenatal yoga instructors and teaching evidence based birth to all birth workers, some are bereavement doulas, some are massage therapists, and some are working on goals of becoming midwives. Each one is brilliant and are passionate about sharing what they know with each other.
I love and trust these women deeply and am so grateful to have each of them in my life. (I would tag each of you but would surely forget someone and that would not be my intention).

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World Doula Week-Building Bridges Between Providers and Clients


I always mention to dads in our prenatal visits that they can ASK to catch their own baby if that is something they desire. Not all providers are willing to step back and give dads this honor. However, while stationed at RAF Lakenheath, England the majority of my clients ASKED and did have this joy! Even providers that originally said no, by the time it was push time, they changed their minds and dads gloved up. Sadly since being back stateside this hasn’t happened once for my clients. Regardless, always ASK! This is your baby and there are no do-overs on birth day. If it’s something you want, find a provider that supports your wishes!! Birth Matters!! #DoulasBenefitEveryone

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World Doula Week-Post a photo of you with a doula that made a difference in your life


When we moved to England I was in my first trimester. I remember meeting our new neighbor Ra’Nee out front of our house in the drive. I felt a connection with her right away. I could feel she had a good heart and kind spirit. I told her that Andy would be deploying and would not be at the birth of Margaret. She immediately re-assured me that I would not be alone, she was a doula and would support me if I would like. 

susanbirth 048

 As soon as Andy was gone her family took me in, feeding me dinner on a regular basis. She attended all my prenatal visits with me and helped me prepare for the birth experience I wanted.

She supported my birth decisions the day I decided to be induced at 41+. My midwife Christy was on, my favorites L&D nurses, Stephanie & Marya were working, Andy had the day off in Kuwait and could use the computer, my mum & dad had arrived and Ra’Nee was available, the stars aligned.

We were in for a long day and she was on board full heartedly. I felt emotionally and physically supported with tons of love. 74337_10200492732345035_968227428_nShe was encouraging and helped me achieve my goal of a pain med free birth.

Her love and support through this process definitely was inspiring and a factor in encouraging me to pursue my love of birth, empowering women and supporting our military community.

I bought Breathe.Birth.Bond and started training to become a doula and lactation counselor just months after Margarets birth.
She certainly has made a difference in my life and I am grateful our paths crossed and connected us forever. susanbirth 283

World Doula Week


World Doula Week starts today!
I love supporting all families but the military family is my passion. We face different challenges and circumstances that most don’t deal with. We are usually far from family and lack the support system that we would have if we were “at home”. We have to really do our research and rely on each others advice to choose our providers and our birth space as it’s usually a new area to us. Sometimes we have just moved to the area or we are right in the middle of moving to our next base and are 39 weeks pregnant living in a hotel. And often, our partners are deployed and will not be available in person (sometimes not at all) on birth day. A HUGE sacrifice! If we already have other children we have to figure out where they will go and who will watch them while we are having our babies at hospital as grandma isn’t just across town. Then the challenge of taking care of them once we get home all the while exhausted and with a brand new baby. There are endless challenges in this scenario but these families overcome these challenges and do it well. I’m so proud of our military community. 15936592_1188277077929341_3175864931937185900_o
These are all reasons why the military family is my passion as a doula!
I recently had the honor of supporting the Lovell family, our neighbors. Kyle deployed before the holidays, Melissa continued to work full time as a special needs teacher, finishing her masters degree, meanwhile taking care of their 2 year old daughter and dog. She faced many challenges in her pregnancy but chose a fabulous birth team. Even with Kyle not being there in person she still refers to her birth experience as “fun”! It does not get better than that!! She was brave and strong and I admire her greatly. Their family will always be close to my heart.