Olivers Homebirth


This is olivers birth story my birthing time was pretty long due to his umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck so I was in my birthing time for 14 hours. It was one of the easiest ones besides the pushing stage was much easier with Xander. My pressure waves were 10 minutes apart so I was able to rest in between them. I was extremely relaxed and peaceful but once I pushed little Oliver out I roared like a lion (not literally) It was such a beautiful experience to birth at home. I was comfortable and I was able to do whatever I wanted. My doula was AMAZING she did acupressure along with my husband to get things going and some nipple stimulation a few minutes into it I felt Oliver coming. My midwife Karla Jo Bennett was AMAZING! She was so calm through the whole process which helped me remain calm. I would give birth at home over and over again if I could. It was challenging and of course not the easiest thing to do but I promise you it is worth it! -Lizette Mujica

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