World Doula Week


World Doula Week starts today!
I love supporting all families but the military family is my passion. We face different challenges and circumstances that most don’t deal with. We are usually far from family and lack the support system that we would have if we were “at home”. We have to really do our research and rely on each others advice to choose our providers and our birth space as it’s usually a new area to us. Sometimes we have just moved to the area or we are right in the middle of moving to our next base and are 39 weeks pregnant living in a hotel. And often, our partners are deployed and will not be available in person (sometimes not at all) on birth day. A HUGE sacrifice! If we already have other children we have to figure out where they will go and who will watch them while we are having our babies at hospital as grandma isn’t just across town. Then the challenge of taking care of them once we get home all the while exhausted and with a brand new baby. There are endless challenges in this scenario but these families overcome these challenges and do it well. I’m so proud of our military community. 15936592_1188277077929341_3175864931937185900_o
These are all reasons why the military family is my passion as a doula!
I recently had the honor of supporting the Lovell family, our neighbors. Kyle deployed before the holidays, Melissa continued to work full time as a special needs teacher, finishing her masters degree, meanwhile taking care of their 2 year old daughter and dog. She faced many challenges in her pregnancy but chose a fabulous birth team. Even with Kyle not being there in person she still refers to her birth experience as “fun”! It does not get better than that!! She was brave and strong and I admire her greatly. Their family will always be close to my heart.

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