World Doula Week-Post a photo of you with a doula that made a difference in your life


When we moved to England I was in my first trimester. I remember meeting our new neighbor Ra’Nee out front of our house in the drive. I felt a connection with her right away. I could feel she had a good heart and kind spirit. I told her that Andy would be deploying and would not be at the birth of Margaret. She immediately re-assured me that I would not be alone, she was a doula and would support me if I would like. 

susanbirth 048

 As soon as Andy was gone her family took me in, feeding me dinner on a regular basis. She attended all my prenatal visits with me and helped me prepare for the birth experience I wanted.

She supported my birth decisions the day I decided to be induced at 41+. My midwife Christy was on, my favorites L&D nurses, Stephanie & Marya were working, Andy had the day off in Kuwait and could use the computer, my mum & dad had arrived and Ra’Nee was available, the stars aligned.

We were in for a long day and she was on board full heartedly. I felt emotionally and physically supported with tons of love. 74337_10200492732345035_968227428_nShe was encouraging and helped me achieve my goal of a pain med free birth.

Her love and support through this process definitely was inspiring and a factor in encouraging me to pursue my love of birth, empowering women and supporting our military community.

I bought Breathe.Birth.Bond and started training to become a doula and lactation counselor just months after Margarets birth.
She certainly has made a difference in my life and I am grateful our paths crossed and connected us forever. susanbirth 283

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