World Doula Week-My Doula Sisterhood


My doula sisters, women genuinely serving & supporting women! I feel so blessed to have a tribe of women in my life who are loving and kind souls. Women who care for each other, want to teach and share what they know, work together for the better of birth and are not competitive with one another.

For my doula sisters, doula’ing is not just a business, it comes from their heart. They love women and want to serve them and better their birth experience by offering them options and choices and loving them in their most vulnerable moments.
These beautiful women are talented and passionate, some are doula trainers, some are childbirth educators, some are nurses that want to serve their patients better by having the physical and emotional support training as a doula, some are Spinning Babies and “changing birth on earth”, some are lactation consultants or counselors, some are placenta encapsulators, some are aromatherapists, some are belly binders, some are experts in ceremonies such as “closing the bones” or “mother blessings”, some are baby carrier experts, some are prenatal yoga instructors and teaching evidence based birth to all birth workers, some are bereavement doulas, some are massage therapists, and some are working on goals of becoming midwives. Each one is brilliant and are passionate about sharing what they know with each other.
I love and trust these women deeply and am so grateful to have each of them in my life. (I would tag each of you but would surely forget someone and that would not be my intention).

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