World Doula Week-How being a doula has benefited me, how it helps me in life.


Being a doula is a very unpredictable job, you never know when you may be called in and you always have to be ready to go. I have learned to be quite flexible. Changing plans at a moments notice and possibly missing important holidays or events.
I’ve had to learn to rely on and accept support from others. In order to doula I have to know that my family is being cared for so that I can join a birth space and be fully present & relaxed. I can not be concerned with things happening in my life. I must let go and bring only positive energy.
Doula’ing has taught me to remind myself that just like birth, when life gets stressful that is temporary and soon will pass. I get a lot less worked up about things than I used to.
It also has taught me not to feel guilty about slowing down and re-charging, taking time for self-care. If I’m not in balance I am helpful to no one. I have no issue taking time and spending money to go get a massage or a adjustment or having a good soak in the tub with a glass of wine and some relaxing music.
Lastly, just breathing! I’ve always been a deep breather and have shared this with my children from the time they were babies but, I feel like I’m even more mindful of it as a doula. Taking in a nice deep cleansing breath (peace) and releasing all tension (love) has brought me great calm.

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