World Doula Week-Day 6 My Most Embarrassing Doula Moment


I’ve been dreading this post all week. I’m certain it is meant to be a funny embarrassing moment, mine is embarrassing but not so funny. Anyone whom I’ve doula’d for, if you have a funny one you can share, please do.

The only embarrassing moment I can think of is that time that a ad for a weekend holiday to Paris for not only mothers day weekend but Mateo’s 16th birthday weekend came across my newsfeed. Mateo is fluent in French and has quite a passion for France. We were just months from moving back stateside and I thought, how memorable and special would it be for him to spend his 16th birthday in Paris!? I got right on the phone with the travel agency, they still had room, I texted Andy, he had the time off. Wow, meant to be, I was SO excited to be able to do this for Mateo. I called back the travel agent and paid for the non-refundable trip. Key word, non-refundable…a hour later…I remember I’m not just a mum to a 16 year old but a doula and that I have committed to a mama due that weekend.
Whoa, that was a embarrassing phone call. I felt HORRIBLE. Cande was so awesome about it and was totally comfortable with the back up doula we had in place but that didn’t change how terrible I felt. There was the a chance that baby would wait until I got home but that was not the case. Baby Neely came that Sunday on our bus ride back to the ferry in Calais.
Mateo had a amazing birthday to remember and Cande and I had Mothers Day’s not to forget.

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