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My husband scrunched up his nose when I first mentioned having a doula for our delivery. It made him uncomfortable to think about having another stranger in our delivery room and in our prental process. It made him feel like I wouldnt need him there. I convinced him to just try meeting with one doula I had read about online. He cautiously agreed. We met with Susan for an hour over coffee, asking questions of each other. When we got to the car, my husband had a smile on his face. He said “I like her. We can hire her. I like her personality and think she will help.” He went from wanting nothing to do with the idea, to wanting to participate in the prenatal appointments and trainings with Susan.

Our delivery was fast and hard. We actually didn’t get to use most of what we had learned because I delivered so fast.  However, Susan was instumental in a different way. She gave my husband so much confidence, support, strength, and comfort. We both raved about how the vibe was different in the delivery room because she was there.  I knew my husband was being supported by her and I didn’t have to worry about him through delivery. When we’d be left alone for a minute by staff, Susan was there to make sure we never felt alone/abandoned and starting working on comfort techniques immediately. She didn’t just become our doula, she became our friend. She was available anytime via phone and even went so far above and beyond when my little had breastfeeding issues. My OB even mentioned to me months later how much she liked Susan and she wanted to recommend her to other patients.

Susan is kind, respectful, available, an advocate, knowledgable, and passionate. You cant go wrong with her. I didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING. She took care of it all. I’d hire her again, and recommend her to others, in a heartbeat.

Erika Sullivan
Posted 9/6/2018

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