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ACOG delivers good news for moms and babies


“The good news is that if your hospital and doctor are not up with these recommendations, you now have good support to ask for what you want in labor. This is how change is made. It’s how we got the dads into the labor room, how we got rid of the routine shaving and enemas as well as drastically reduced episiotomies in this country. Be assertive, be persistent, and bring robust labor support.”


The Evidence for Skin-to-Skin Care after a Cesarean

New article on skin to skin care after a cesarean! I’m so glad Evidence Based Birth addressed this topic.

“If a hospital staff member tells people giving birth that it is “impossible” for them to stay together with their babies after a Cesarean, that statement is false. Making the switch from routine separation to couplet care can be done—many hospitals have already done so. Although couplet care may be more inconvenient for staff in the beginning, in the end, keeping mothers and babies together after a Cesarean is what is best.”

“…evidence has shown that it is possible—and best practice—for mothers and babies to stay together after a Cesarean.”

The Code Word – Ensure Your Pain Management Wishes are Followed

Often in The Birth Workshop, mom’s come with the “wait and see” how it goes thought when it comes to medication. A lot of first time moms think that since they don’t know what to expect they feel like they will leave medication as a option. We talk about code words in class and I feel like it’s a good option in order to make a more firm decision on your birth choices.
Watch this short video from Penny Simkin explaining “The Code Word”.