1. Can I still have a doula if I plan to get an epidural? Yes! Receiving an epidural is your choice. Understand that comfort measures I am able to provide will be limited, due to possible lack of sensation from the epidural and being confined to bed.

2. What if I plan to go natural and then I change my mind about wanting an epidural? Again, this is your choice and I will support you. We will discuss in our prenatal visits a “Pain Medications Preference Scale” (PMPS). If you strongly desire a natural labor, I will challenge you. For most women, labor is not easy and it is painful, but if you mentally and physically prepare in advance, you can do it and I will be there to support and encourage you. Every woman hits a brick wall at some point, but we will overcome. : ) I recommend a code word such as “madagascar” or “pumpernickel” that will notify your support team that you have reached the end of your rope and would like an epidural. Discuss this ahead of time with your support partner(s).

3. Can I still have a doula if I have a planned or an unplanned c-section? Please see the “Services” section for more information on c-section’s.  

4. Will the doula take over the role of my husband/partner? No, certainly not. I am there to not only support the laboring woman, but also the husband/partner as he/she feels comfortable in participating. This is a very personal, intimate and memorable time and I will work with them to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support.

5. Clearing up misunderstandings. As a doula, I support ANY type of birth, whether it be natural, epidural, c-section etc. This is YOUR birth experience. With that being said, I am an advocate for out-of-hospital birth (for low-risk pregnancies). As I believe, it is best for mom and baby. I desire to empower and educate women to trust their bodies, to be informed, to understand the birthing process, to know that childbirth pain is normal, healthy and manageable and to know their options when it comes to types of births, types of providers, prenatal tests, pain management and medical interventions.

6. Do you only work with women in the military community? No. I work with all women. I am on call 24/7–as available–to women with a deployed/TDY spouse and my services are voluntary for these families.

7. Elective Inductions. Please understand that I do not support elective inductions for non-medical reasons. Be patient. The pregnancy will not last forever! Let your baby come when he/she is ready. In the past, I have worked with women that have had family visiting and wanted to have the baby before family left. As mentioned within my website, this is a set up for a labor & delivery with complications. If you desire family to be present for your birth, they should be flexible. Remember, 2 weeks prior to your “guess” date and 2 weeks beyond your “guess” date are normal.

8. How were you trained as a doula? I attended classroom training with DONA INTERNATIONAL trainer Kathy Stewart in Lakenheath, England, fall 2013. I received my certification through DONA in August 2014 and will continue my training through attending births.

9. How many births have you attended? To date (March 2017), I have attended 45 births.

10. What if I go into labor before the 2-week on-call period prior to my due date? Understand, I hope to be available, but I cannot guarantee. In the event of preterm labor, please keep me informed daily or weekly as appropriate.    



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