I desire to be affordable to all women and their partners that would like doula support for their labor and delivery. I offer flexible payment plans and am willing to work with you to make it work financially for your family.


I feel fortunate to be able to offer all of my services at a sliding scale $600-$900. There are no requirements to qualify for this fee structure. Respecting that each family’s situation is unique, I ask my clients to choose the fee that they are comfortable paying.


Wouldn’t it be great if Tricare covered doulas? They’ll cover the cost of an epidural for pain management at $1,200-$1,500, but not a doula? Hmm…something is wrong with this picture… Talk with a Tricare representative today! www.tricare.mil.


If you are seeking just placenta encapsulation the fee is $150.


Private in home childbirth class is offered at $200. 


*My services are discounted for those families effected by deployment.


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