Optimal Fetal Positioning or OFP

TOP 3 for pregnant women: nutrition, exercise AND optimal fetal positioning!

Do you desire an easier, shorter and less painful labor? What woman wouldn’t? Sure you do! Daily exercises and posture are VERY important while you are pregnant. Especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. When I say exercises, yes staying active is important, but I am also referring to “daily balancing activities”. These activities ensure optimal alignment of your womb and pelvis in order to eventually birth your baby. ** Pleaes take time to review the websites below. Very important! OB providers typically do not discuss this.** Malpositioned babies are very common due to our contemporary, sendentary lifestyles. Stay atuned to posture, no reclining on the couch or chair, start mopping your floor on your hands and knees, sit on a birth ball at your desk etc.

Learn more about optimal fetal positioning by visiting Spinning Babies: www.spinningbabies.com and www.optimal-foetal-positioning.co.nz

*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK TO PURCHASE FOR EVERY MOM-TO-BE: “How Will I Be Born, What Babies Wish Their Mothers Knew” By Jean Sutton. “Written for expectant parents. Your baby is always trying to tell you what he/she needs so that both mother and baby have a safe and enjoyable birth.” Malpositioned babies can create a long and painful labor. Help yourself and your baby now by reading this book and heeding Ms. Suttons wisdom. It will help you come labor day. You can purchase this book directly from the “Optimal Foetal Positioning” website above. $15 includes shipping!

Have you been told your baby is breech? Do not fear! The midwife is here! : ) Click on document below. Contrary to the medical model of care, breech babies are not necessarily an emergency and unmanageable. Yes, you can vaginally birth a baby that is breech! Please talk with a midwife or breech supportive OB about the risks associated with a breech delivery. Additionally, if you’ve been told your baby is breech, there are things you can do to try to turn your baby. Please contact me for more details. : )

Breech leaflet1 copy


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